About the Upcoming

Athleticus Beta Test.

What is the beta version of Athleticus App?

The Athleticus Beta App is an early version of our app in its developmental stages.  It’s not complete and will be limited in its functionality.  It’s a chance to test or even tease future features and gather feedback to provide to our development team.

What does the Beta Test entail?

All we’re looking for from our beta testers is honest feedback on what works, what doesn’t and anything else you would like us to consider as we continue to work on improvements.  Your feedback will have a direct impact on the development of our app.

Does it cost anything, are there fees?

Nope, it’s completely free to participate.

How do I signup or reserve a spot to participate?

Enrollment is currently open to all that reserve a spot by simply submitting their email (form field below) or by direct invitation.  Space is limited and enrollment will close when full.

Beta Test Access

We’re inviting personal trainers, physical therapists, and various health coaches to join our beta test.

Enrollment is currently open to both athletes and coaches. Spots are limited to early reservations and invitations. Reserve your spot today before we’re full! For any questions, contact us directly.

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