Athleticus Founding Team

We’re passionate, everyday athletes based in Boston.

Product Development

Colin Reno

Colin advises on all things product related for Athleticus. He's an experienced business professional and Collegiate strength coach in the health and fitness industry.

Colin advises on all things product-related for Athleticus. He's worked several years developing marketing growth strategies and enhancing customer experiences for a variety of fitness brands. He's also a professional strength and conditioning coach. As a former two-sport Division I athlete for the Syracuse University in football and track & field, Colin has a genuine passion for living an active lifestyle and educating others. He's had the opportunity of coaching NCAA Division I and III athletic programs, as well as the Israeli National Men's and Women's Lacrosse teams. Along with having managed the conditioning testing for the New York Rangers, Colin is a Board-Certified Exercise Physiologist (EPC), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and USA-W Level 1 Sport Performance Coach (USA-W). Additionally, he holds a BS and MS degree in Health and Exercise Science from Syracuse University and Merrimack College respectively.

Ryan Fleming

Ryan is an experienced marketing professional in the health and fitness industry and the founder of Athleticus. A creative athlete with a knack for design.

Ryan has a healthy obsession with all things design, fitness, and health, strongly believing in using his skillset to help creatively solve problems in the health space. Always exploring new ideas. He's spent the early part of his career working in an agency environment with brands like Visa and Chobani, before following his true passion of working in the health and fitness industry. Ryan has worked several years as a marketer and creative director in the industry, with significant experience in corporate fitness working with Fortune 500 clients.

Ryan is what we call, an "everyday athlete." Besides the fact that he's more often than not, opting to wear athletic clothing to meetings, the former athlete in himself, forces his daily routine to always include some type of physical exercise. He holds a degree in marketing from Manhattan College and has received accolades as an emerging leader during his time at UnitedHealth/ Optum.


Greg Jordan

Greg is a Twitter Software Engineer, serving as an advisor and developer for Athleticus. He's a true creative, tech savvy athlete. Always seeking creative solutions and experimenting.

Greg is the lead developer for Athleticus. He's responsible for carrying out our tech strategy and helping to build the app. He's developed considerable experience as a software engineer over the past several years and currently splits time working on Athleticus, with his role as an engineer at Twitter.

He's passionate about creating better human experiences and positively impacting the health of others. Not to mention, he's an avid active lifestyle enthusiast, always seeking to find time to exercise with a busy schedule.

Financial Advisor

Nathan Kotler

Nathan is Athleticus' financial guru based in New York City. An experienced investment professional with a strong desire to innovate in the health and fitness industry.

Early Stage

Athleticus Funding Opportunity