Video for Everyday Athletes

Athleticus is evolving the way athletes and health coaches train remotely to improve their overall health and performance with a unique video experience built specifically for the active lifestyle.

    Live Streaming

    Broadcast live and connect with coaches or athletes from anywhere

    Wearable Integration

    Share select wearable data directly with a health team.


    Keep track of your training sessions with the built in schedule

    Video & Chat

    Communicate 1 to 1 and with groups all from the app
    About Athleticus

    BRINGING innovative remote experiences to health coaches & athletes everywhere.

    At Athleticus, we're everyday athletes based in Boston working with athletes, trainers, physical therapists, and other health coaches that share our passion for simplifying health and athletic performance.

    Train like an Elite Pro from Anywhere

    Improving communication and removing the stress faced by everyday athletes trying to maximize their health and athletic performance.

    • Qualified Health Professionals
    • Reach more clients & connect with like minded athletes
    • Accountability with wearable integration
    • An easier way to proactively manage health

    Connect health and fitness trackers to share your stats directly with your team.


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