Video built for the everyday athlete and health coach

Athleticus is evolving the way athletes and health coaches work together remotely to improve their overall health and performance with a unique video experience built specifically for the active lifestyle.

    About Athleticus

    BRINGING innovative remote experiences to health coaches & athletes everywhere.

    At Athleticus, we're everyday athletes based in Boston working with athletes, trainers, physical therapists, and other health coaches that share our passion for simplifying health and athletic performance.

    Remote training for the active lifestyle

     The Athleticus app provides a more unique way to remotely train and work with health coaches and other athletes.

    • Wearable integration
    • Calendar for scheduling trainings, consultations
    • Form a health team & hold each other accountable
    • Engaging video & chat experiences
    • A growing community of everyday athletes & health professionals
    • Live streaming & more features to come

    Live Stream Your Workout.

    With the Athleticus app, raise the intensity of your workouts with the support of friends, coaches, and other athletes by going Live.

    Optimize Your Health

    Engage with a community of like-minded athletes all working toward a similar health goal.

    Wearable Integration

    Share select wearable data directly with a health team.

    Qualified Professionals

    Discover qualified & community recommended health professionals.

    Video Streaming

    The only video streaming app developed specifically for the active lifestyle.

    Check out the

    The Everyday Athlete features active lifestyle content for trainers, health coaches and athletes.  Our goal is to inspire and empower you to better manage your health and athletic performance.

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    Beta Test Access

    We’re inviting personal trainers, physical therapists, and various health coaches to join our beta test.

    Enrollment is currently open to both athletes and coaches. Spots are limited to early reservations and invitations. Reserve your spot today before we’re full! For any questions, visit our FAQ or contact us directly.

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