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Live a Longer Athletic Lifestyle

Advancing Athletic


Athleticus provides athletes and health pros the best way to connect, train, and advance their overall health from anywhere in the world.  If you pursue an active lifestyle, you’re an athlete, and our app has been designed for you.

    Safe, simple, and free to Connect with

    Athletes and expand professionally.

    Live Streaming

    Broadcast live and connect with coaches or athletes from anywhere

    Wearable Integration

    Share select wearable data directly with a health team.


    Keep track of your training sessions with the built in schedule

    Video & Chat

    Communicate 1 to 1 and with groups all from the app

    We’ve made it simple & free

    As a pro, we've made it easy for you to start working with athletes virtually from anywhere. Our simple signup is all you'll need, from there you can immediately start inviting clients, schedule, and hold 1 to 1 or group video sessions.

    Optimize Athletic Lifestyle

    Access a community of like-minded athletes and professionals from anywhere in the world.  All working toward a similar goal.

    Integrated Health Stats

    Apple Watch and HealthKit tracks your acitivity & provides the community a snapshot of your active lifestyle.

    Build Stronger Connections

    Connect directly with other health pros & athletes in one place. Coaches can proactively train athletes from anywhere.

    Live Broadcasting

    Go Live and stream to a specific community of everyday athletes and health professionals.

    LIVE Streaming

    Go Live Anywhere at anytime right from the app

    No more wasting time searching through endless streams for a quality class. Discover content from our community of Athletes and only the most qualified health professionals. And we have an exciting announcement around our streaming coming first to all those that request early access.

    Request Access

    A Virtual Hybrid approach for Trainers Therapists Sport Psychologists Health Coaches

    Expand Your Reach & Make More Money

    The fitness industry has been pushed forward due to COVID-19. Now is a perfect time to get ahead of the growing trend and Athleticus has been created with this in mind.

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